An enthusiastic designer from the Netherlands, based in Den Bosch.

After five years of art school, I graduated in June ’16 as a bachelor graphic designer from the art academy AKV | St. Joost in Den Bosch. After my graduation I dove right into the work life with a six month temporary junior design job at Het Lab ontwerp + advies in Arnhem as well as working as a freelancer. I then stumbled upon this new master in Amsterdam; Master Digital Design. I applied, got accepted and graduated a year later in the summer of 2018. I enjoyed being around this place so much that I stuck around and became one of the teaching assistants in the year that followed, where I helped both the staff and students to get the best out of their year.

And that brings us to right now, when you’re reading this. Currently I’m working full time as a freelance designer, and I would love to work with you! Whether it’s print design, handlettering commissions or webdesign, please get in touch if you’re looking for someone to help you with that!

If you’re interested in my complete CV, go ahead and click right here!

Armed with a variety of

Some of my personal fascinations and small things I love and admire,
of which you might see some of in my work as well:

concerts and festivals • playing my (bass)guitar, and singing along • looking at the stars and planets • the moon and the sun • freckles • nice typography, hand lettering or sign paintings • lyrics, words, quotes and poetry • movies and TV shows • great cups of coffee • (but tea too, sometimes) • staying up late • amazing, original tattoos (incl. my own) • long hugs • my personally crafted playlists • font-websites • lasercutting (and its smell) • seeing someone being completely absorbed by what they’re doing • writing- although i often don’t know what to write about • long trips by train • and the endless beautiful horizons that you can spot through train windows • endlessly learning about millions of things • personality tests (i’m a MBTI type: INTP (the logician), temperament: melancholic, enneagram: type 5w6 (the investigator), alignment: chaotic neutral and Hogwarts house: ravenclaw