Hey! I’m Bambi.

A young and enthusiastic designer from the Netherlands, currently based in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

After five years of art school, I graduated in June ’16 as a bachelor graphic designer from the art academy AKV | St. Joost in Den Bosch. Since then, I’ve worked as a junior graphic designer at Het Lab ontwerp + advies in Arnhem, and as a freelance graphic designer at  Einder Communicatie in Nijmegen.

In 2017 I started with the brand new master ‘Digital Design‘ at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, which I have successfully completed in the summer of 2018. This work environment felt like a good place and thus am I currently working as a part-time teaching assistant at the Master Digital Design to help out students and teachers, and apart from that I am available for freelance work as a designer!

If you’re interested in my complete CV, go ahead and click right here!

Armed with a variety of

Some of my personal fascinations and small things I love and admire,
of which you might see some of in my work as well:

concerts and festivals • playing my (bass)guitar, and singing along • looking at the stars and planets • the moon and the sun • freckles • nice typography, hand lettering or sign paintings • lyrics, words, quotes and poetry • movies and TV shows • great cups of coffee • (but tea too, sometimes) • staying up late • amazing, original tattoos (incl. my own) • long hugs • my personally crafted playlists • font-websites • lasercutting (and its smell) • seeing someone being completely absorbed by what they’re doing • writing- although i often don’t know what to write about • long trips by train • and the endless beautiful horizons that you can spot through train windows • endlessly learning about millions of things • personality tests (i’m a MBTI type: INTP (the logician), temperament: melancholic, enneagram: type 5w6 (the investigator), alignment: chaotic neutral and Hogwarts house: ravenclaw